Col. Richard Kemp goes to the front lines to defend the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

You’ll hear it everywhere. No matter where you turn, people are talking about what is happening at the Gaza border. But you most likely will hear plenty of lies. Col. Richard Kemp is here to defend Israel and the IDF.

What Would Your Country Do?

What would your country do if terrorists were trying to infiltrate the border and kill your family, your friends, your fellow citizens? Your country would probably kill every person who tries to harm its people. Yet somehow, when terrorists try to break through Israel’s border, there is an international outcry to stop Israel from protecting itself.

Hamas is the leader of these protests at the Gaza border. They are sending their people to die. Israel does its best to avoid killing innocent people. And they do a pretty good job. Is the IDF supposed to just watch as terrorists enter their border? I doubt your country would.

Col. Richard Kemp Defends Israel

Col. Richard Kemp always defends Israel. He gets it. He sees the reality. And what is that reality? That Israel is just defending itself. They are doing what the United States would do, what England would do, and what any other democratic nation would do. Kemp says about the IDF, “And what they don’t deserve, is they don’t deserve to be condemned and blamed for the deaths of ‘Palestinian’ civilians from Gaza, which has deliberately been caused by Hamas.” Hamas even admitted that almost every death was one of their members, but somehow, the world still criticizes Israel.

So, the world will continue to blame Israel for what is happening on the Gaza border. It doesn’t matter what the facts are. They don’t care.

And the IDF will continue to protect its citizens, regardless of what the world says.

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