Exclusive interview with PM Netanyahu that CANNOT be missed!

by Michael Sax

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks about his childhood, first day in the army, and the future of Israel. His strategy for Israel’s survival is not only fascinating, but it works.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – first visit to the USA

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a popular nickname: “Bibi.”  He first visited the United States when he was about eight or nine years old.  A company offered Bibi’s father, a historian, a job there, so the entire family moved there. As a child, Netanyahu didn’t speak much English. A friendly girl and his mother taught Netanyahu to speak English. In fact, Netanyahu recalls that one of the first English books he learned was about a dog named Spot. Netanyahu later returned to the United States as a teenager and attended high school there.

Joining the Israel Defense Forces

Netanyahu returned to Israel and enlisted in the army. He served in a special forces unit, fought in the Yom Kippur War, rose through the ranks, and held a senior position. He served five years in the army defending Israel from terrorists. In addition, after his army service, Netanyahu returned to the United States. He studied at MIT and later got a job in the United States.

Israeli Financial Policy

After Netanyahu was elected as Prime Minister, he began to improve the private sector. He knew that the only way for the financial situation to flourish would be if the private sector was strong. Netanyahu explained that a country can have smart people, but without a strong private sector, they will not produce  great results. He lists Russia as an example. As an elected official, Netanyahu made legislation to improve the private sector.

What is less known about Prime Minister Netanyahu is that he also served a critical term as Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. In that capacity, he engineered major reforms that cut out a tremendous amount of red tape.  Thus, he freed up many corporations looking to thrive in the free marketplace.

Thin man and fat man

How did he explain to the Israeli public what he was doing? He used a colorful example of a thin man carrying a fat man. The fat man will crush the thin man. However, if a large strong man carries a smaller person, he won’t be crushed.


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