Massive Explosions Rock Iranian Military Facility in Hama, Syria

by Avi Abelow

Details are still not clear, but this afternoon, there were major blast at a Syrian Air Force base in Hama.  This base was a major depot for Iranian weapons.  One thing is for sure. Iran took a hit today.  The results of the attack – Eleven, or perhaps dozens of pro-Assad forces killed in the blast.

What Happened?

Several huge explosions shook the military airport in Hama, Syria. UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 11 pro-Assad fighters were killed in the blasts.

An official Syrian source said that the blasts were the result of a fire in an ammunition warehouse.

The Observatory said, “the explosions struck several regime depots of weapons and fuel at Hama military airport.”

Some reported that it was an attack on powerful Iranian air defense systems.  On the other hand, others said it was a massive Iranian weapons depot.

Sky News Arabia reports that this was an attack on an advanced Iranian air defense system and that is what triggered the explosions.

However, Syrian military sources told the Lebanese el-Nashra TV station that the blasts were caused by a “technical malfunction” at a weapons storage depot.

Hama residents reported that they heard successive blasts.  The obvious conclusion – they hit a weapons depot with the blast.  A chain-reaction of explosions is probably the best evidence of  a munitions depot.

Iran-Israel Tension

On the night of April 29, the Israeli Air Force carried out missile strikes against a nearby military base, just south of Hama.  In addition, they hit another facility in Aleppo, in northern Syria.  It seems that this was also an Iranian facility inside of Syria.

While there are conflicting reports as to what set off today’s blasts, it is clear that Iran and Syria took a hit.

Some people said that this was an additional Israeli attack in order to prevent further Iranian aggression.  This comes on the heels of recent rockets that Iran shot at Israel from Syria and an Israeli attack in response.

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