WATCH: Gaza Infiltrator Caught by IDF Exposes Hamas Abuse of Civilians

by Avi Abelow

This Gaza resident was caught by the IDF after infiltrating into Israel. In his interrogation, he exposes Hamas efforts to carry out terror attacks by forcing civilians to be human shields.

The media has been ignoring Israel’s claims that Hamas is to blame for all the deaths. Instead, the media has been blaming Israel for the “massacre” of innocent Gaza civilians. The media can no longer ignore the responsibility of Hamas in the deaths caused by their riots.

Text of Gaza Civilian

Hamas is the one sending us facebook and text messages telling us to go. In the Mosques they call and send flyers telling us to go to the fence. They control the Gaza strip and everything that happens there goes through them.

Hamas organizes these riots so people won’t revolt. Hamas tells themselves that instead of having people revolt and turn against us we’ll send them to the fence and let them revolt there freely.

When there is electricity, the televisions are on and streaming “the great march of return, march, march, go march and riot”. Some people go to the riots, some people don’t. They prepare the buses to leave Shuja’iyya, and then wait by the Mosques.

Hamas tells the women to go forward to the front of the lines of the riots. “You are a woman, go forward, the army does not shoot women”.

They tell young children to go forward saying “the IDF does not shoot young children”.

Hamas tells the child to go forward and he does. They trick him.

They have established a committee that is responsible for the march and for telling people to go.

People get worn out and get fed up. I’m one of these people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Agrees with Hamas Leaders that this is NOT peaceful resistance

Civilians of Gaza are victims of Hamas, not of Israel


More Truth Exposed by Hamas Leaders

Media About Face

Yesterday a Hamas official claimed that 50 of the 62 Gazans killed on Tuesday were Hamas officers. With this exposure, the media was no longer able to claim that Israel was massacring innocent Gaza civilians. As a result, some publications and journalists came out admitting that their earlier reporting, blaming Israel for massacring innocent civilians, was a mistake.

If only they would start believing Israel, in the future, instead of believing the lies of Hamas.

Roe vs. Wade

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