Guatemala recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not only the United States who is officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Guatemala has joined the club as well! In case you didn’t know, Israel and Guatemala have a longstanding friendship.

Moving Embassies to Jerusalem

The United States has recently moved its embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. It is only logical to have an embassy in a country’s capital, but of course, it is too much of a statement for most countries to move their embassy to Jerusalem. But not for the United States – AND Guatemala! Guatemala has also recently decided to move their embassy to Jerusalem. If you look at the history between Israel and Guatemala, it is not surprising that they too moved their embassy.

Israel and Guatemala

Look back at 1947. Guatemala was one of only 33 countries to vote for a Jewish State. In 1948, they recognized Israel as a sovereign state, and they were the second country to do so!

And it doesn’t end there. In 1950, Guatemala became the first to open a diplomatic mission in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. There is so much more that these 2 countries do for each other. And now, Guatemala has also made the momentous decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem! It is said that “actions speak louder than words.” They DEFINITELY do when so many have promised to move their embassies and have failed to follow through with their word. Finally, the United States and Guatemala’s actions of moving their embassies speak loudly to the rest of the world. And it sounds great!

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