U.S. weapons now in the hands of Al Qaeda

by Michael Sax

Whoever thought that it was a good idea to give US weapons to Syrians – better think again. Many of those guns have gone missing, and countless lives are now at stake.

US weapons in Syria

The US gave weapons to fighters in Syria. However, they ended up in the hands of terrorists. The Pentagon has not yet demanded the return of all of the weapons. One Syrian terrorist, Abu Zayd, still has US weapons. He has M-16 and M-24 rifles and ammunition. In addition, he also has mortar rounds and machine guns that he keeps in his home. Some sources say that ammunition may have been sold through the black market.

Missing weapons

The bottom line is that we have no idea where these weapons are. They might be under lock and key with a responsible person. However, it is also quite possible that terrorists got hold of US weapons. They could be using these weapons against innocent people.

Obama’s involvement

In 2013, former President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to arm Syrian rebels. The program trained and armed thousands of rebels. The program failed, and some reports say that it cost a billion dollars.

It is frightening to think that terrorists got their hands on all those weapons. Do we even know where the weapons are? Is anyone being held accountable for this? As voters, we can ask our elected officials about this program. We can voice our concern that our tax money not go towards buying guns that may eventually make their way to terrorists. That reported billion dollars could have been much more useful back home. For example, tax breaks or benefits for veterans. We will be facing big problems in the future as we deal with the fallout of this program. Hopefully we can recover the weapons soon before anyone is hurt.

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