President Trump Makes History – Moves US Embassy to Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

President Trump doesn’t just talk.  He promises and delivers.  He promised when he was a candidate that he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem.  A few months back, he decided to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Promise

He Delivered

70 years of Support for the State of Israel

70 years ago, President Truman recognized the State of Israel.  That was a very bold move.  But Truman stood up to vociferous opposition from within his own senior members of his cabinet.  Now, exactly 70 years later – to the day – President Trump made the bold move and officially moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked President Trump for keeping his promise.  Netanyahu proudly exclaimed, “Remember this moment!”

In a show of complete deference and thanks, Netanyahu went on to praise the entire leadership of the United States of America.  He claimed, ” We have no better friends in the whole world.  What a glorious day.”

Promises Promises

It has become a custom of most presidential candidates to pledge to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  This stance is popular with many pro-Israel supporters.  Bill Clinton used it, and then George Bush copied it when he ran for President.  But, the only President who actually meant it is President Trump.  He promised that he would walk back the terrible Iran deal that Obama signed.  In less than 2 years, he kept his promise and indeed walked away from it.  He continues to surprise many people with his steadfastness in sticking to his campaign promises.  Let’s hope that he continues to stick to strong support of Israel and keeping the world terror threat under control.

The Full Historic Ceremony

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