Nighttime driving is about to change thanks to this Israeli startup

by Michael Sax

Israeli startup Bright Way Vision just unveiled new night vision to make the roads safer for everyone. They reveal their cutting edge technology here.

Bright Way Vision is leading the way

Bright Way Vision is an Israeli company that seeks to provide enhanced vision for drivers during the day and night. Nighttime driving is especially dangerous, as visibility is limited. This company uses the newest in optics technology to provide a clear picture, even when dark. It will surely make the road a safer place.

Road safety is something that affects all of us. Even in large cities, street lamps do not completely illuminate the road. Any driver would want to get a clear picture of what is up ahead. Bright Way Vision’s invention would help drivers in the city and also out in the country. Additionally, it could also be of use in other conditions. For example, foggy weather limits vision. Yet this invention could drastically improve road safety in foggy weather.

Meet Dr. Ofer David

Who is the man behind the vision? Dr. Ofer David founded Bright Way Vision in 2011. In just a few short years, he already made a working prototype and gave a great demonstration of how it works. David has more than twenty years experience with active imaging systems and laser detection. In fact, Dr. Ofer David authored several publications and holds various patents. These relate to fog penetrating day/night imaging systems and visibility measurement systems.

This is yet another wonderful Israeli invention that will benefit mankind. In fact, Israel has more than 6,000 startups. These attract more venture capital per person than any other country in the world. Some Israeli inventions are well known, some less so. Israeli inventions can be found in computers, health care, and defense. For example, Intel has a large facility in Israel. Israelis developed the drip irrigation system as well as cherry tomatoes. Furthermore, Israeli medical companies are leading the way. And almost everyone has seen Israel’s amazing Iron Dome system protect against incoming missiles. So it is quite appropriate to see another Israeli invention that will help people.

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