Mahmoud Abbas just lied to the entire UN, and the media said NOTHING

by Leah Rosenberg

Imagine if the President of the United States showed the American people an inaccurate map of the United States claiming that certain land was part of the US. Well, that is exactly what Mahmoud Abbas did to the “Palestinian” people with an Israel map.

Abbas claimed that all the land of Israel belongs to the “Palestinians” and that the Jewish People have no connection. He also contradicted the Quran and asserted that the “Palestinians” are descendants of the Canaanites and have resided in Palestine for 5,000 years. Aside from that claim being absurd, modern scholarship does not support this.

One month later, he told the UN he wants peace. Really?

The Silent Media

And here we are, once again trying to battle the media’s bias coverage. Despite the PA’s constant call for violent uprisings against the State of Israel, the media claims they want peace. The media (Associated Press, The New York Times, and The Washington Post) reported about Abbas’s speech to the “Palestinian” people and said “‘Palestinian president calls for peace conference.” In reality, he made statements such as “This is our country,” and “Jews have no connection to the Land of Israel or to Jerusalem.” Even though Abbas clearly showed his people a false Israel map claiming it is all “Palestinian” land, the media found a way to misinform the public and claim that he wants peace.

Was it really lost in translation? Or does the media just not care to report anything accurate anymore?

Social Media

Not only are so-called “news sources” sharing misleading information, but people are sharing links on social media that are helping the world’s worst human rights abusers. So, how can Israel win? The news does not care about accurate information, neither does the UN, and neither does the world of social media. It has come to the point that the world has endorsed terrorism, with or without being aware.

Does anyone care about the truth anymore?

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