The truth behind social media video giants like AJ+, TRT World, and In the Now….

by Michael Sax

Imagine knowing that big names in social media news sources were actually supporters of terrorism against Israel on social media. Would you click on those links or share them? Well, many people are doing just that today.

Israel – Are We Unknowingly Helping its Enemies?

For example, the popular site “AJ+” is in fact run by Al Jazeera of Qatar. The site TRT site is actually run by by the state of Turkey. Are you ready for the shocking part? Both of these state-run media sources are states who support the terror group Hamas! Hamas is responsible for hundreds of terror attacks in Israel that have killed thousands of people. Every time we share one of those links, we are giving another platform for the terror supporters to blast their brainwashing on the innocent public.

Turkey – TRT

What’s so bad about Turkey? Well, for starters they murdered over 3,000 Kurds. They also imprison journalists. And censor the internet. Turkey also murdered people who dissented against its leader! Although, perhaps most glaring is the Armenian genocide. Turkey murdered 1.5 million Armenian Christians. But they deny it happened. More than that, they punished activists who called them out on it!

Qatar: Al Jazeera and Israel

Qatar funds Al Jazeera. The country has become increasingly close with Hamas. After Israel completely pulled out of Gaza during the Disengagement in 2005, the terror group Hamas took over. Since then, Qatar has been funneling Hamas hundreds of millions of dollars. And they sheltered the leader of the terror group, giving the Hamas leader in Qatar a place to live.

Israel Responds

In 2008, Al Jazeera celebrated a terrorist. They help a party for Samir Kuntar, the child killer. Kuntar massacred an Israeli family. He killed the little 4 year old daughter by smashing her head in with a rifle. Because Al Jazeera held a party for this despicable person, Israel sanctioned Al Jazeera. But Israel never forgot what Kuntar did, and years later made sure Kuntar got the final punishment he deserved.

So before you share links or articles from Al Jazeera or TRT, consider what they support and represent. The image of Israel on Social Media is important.  Support those who support Israel.

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