The NFL is coming to visit the Holy Land and this is what it is going to look like

by Phil Schneider

These 7 elite National Football athletes are lucky enough to have made the NFL trip to the Holy Land. Most are not Jewish, but some are. All are excited about seeing first-hand the Land of Israel and the Jewish people – on their home turf. You can feel the excitement of football in this video.

Jewish NFL players

Yes – they can be counted.  There have not been hundreds of them, but their have been tens of Jewish players in the National Football League.

Some of the most famous names are:

  • Lyle Alzado, a star Defensive End for the Denver Broncos in the 70’s and 80’s.
  • Sid Luckman, a star quarterback for the Chicago Bears in the 40’s.
  • Josh Miller, a star punter who played for the Steelers and  Patriots.

Julian Edelman

Perhaps the most well-known name today of Jewish Football players is star wide receiver and punt returner Julian Edelman.

He is one of the most versatile wide receivers in the game and has been labeled “The Iron Man.” Of course, he has been privileged to be catching balls thrown by the very best quarterback in the game – Tom Brady.

He does identify as part of the Jewish people and once wore an Israeli-American flag pin on his hat during a November 2014 Denver Broncos game.

His catch in Super Bowl LI was one of the most amazing catches ever seen by a crowd of tens of millions of viewers.

In a fascinating interview with Jimmy Fallon following the amazing catch, he candidly discusses the catch and all that came from it.

Julian Edelman visited the Land of Israel in August 2015 and called his trip a once in a lifetime experience.

The NFL trip to the Holy Land was covered widely by the Times of Israel.

He clearly enjoyed the good life in Israel from thrilling hikes to spiritual stops, and even published a video about his trip on Youtube.

Judea and Samaria Building
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