IDF Attacks Hamas in Gaza After 4 IDF Soldiers Injured by Bomb on Security Fence

by Avi Abelow

IDF forces attacked Hamas targets in Gaza tonight.  This was in retaliation for 4 Israeli soldiers who were seriously injured by an IED bomb planted on the Gaza/Israel fence.

The Hamas Bomb

Hamas detonated a roadside bomb against an IDF military force on Saturday afternoon near the Gaza security fence. The bomb wounded four IDF soldiers – two seriously, and two others were moderately and lightly injured. The IDF evacuated all four of the soldiers to the hospital for medical treatment. As of the writing of this article, the two seriously injured soldiers are undergoing surgery.

Image from youtube of Kan video

The IDF clarified that the bomb attack took place near the security fence.  However, there was no terrorist threat to any Israeli communities. This was an extremely critical clarification.  Why? Because over the weekend, thousands of visitors were celebrating the Red South festival in the Northern Negev area.

Apparently, the terrorist took advantage of an Arab riot near the fence on Friday. He approached the security fence to bury the explosive charge, right opposite the Israeli town of Ein Hashlosha. In a deceptive move, the terrorist placed a flag on the fence, near the bomb. He did this in order to draw IDF forces to that point to then detonate the bomb.

Israel’s Response

“Today’s incident on the Gaza Strip border is severe,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement issued from Germany.   He is attending the Munich Security Conference. “We will respond appropriately.  I send my wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded.”

(Video below in Hebrew)

The IDF attacked 6 Gaza targets.

This included:

  • A tunnel built by the Hamas near the Zeitoun neighborhood  – built to attack Israel
  • A Hamas military installation built on the former Jewish community of Netzarim, Gush Katif
  • A Hamas military compound in Khan Younis.

“The IDF views with great severity the attempt by the Hamas terrorist organization to carry out spontaneous and seemingly spontaneous demonstrations.  (These are) intended to turn the security fence into a confrontation zone, and to carry out acts of terror that would destabilize the Gaza Strip,” the IDF Spokesperson said.

“Hamas is responsible for that event and its consequences…as well as for everything happening in and out of the Gaza Strip, above and below ground.”

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