Annexation Is Coming Whether The World Wants It Or Not

by David Mark

While it is not a guarantee that the new coalition will annex all of Israel’s Biblical Heartland, it is a good bet that it will annex everything that the Trump administration has given a green light to do so.

The world has sat aghast over the idea that the Jewish people are moving full steam ahead in finalizing their national restoration. There have been all sorts of threats and fits from all over the world.

Yet, Prime Minister Netanyahu, now moments away from being declared Prime Minister again, has the ability with President Trump to finally declare sovereignty on Israel’s historic and Biblical heartland.

In the next few weeks to months, Netanyahu will move forward with some sort of sovereignty push. Even if he settles for the major blocs (whatever they are) and the Jordan River Valley, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas will dissolve the PA. Israel will be forced to reengage with the Arabs living in those areas once more.

Of course, most of the Arabs living under the PA territory would welcome this move. After all, they currently live under a totalitarian regime akin to a mafia run family business. There are daily shakedowns and serious corruption.

Israel will have to decide what to do with the rest of the Arabs in the area. Making them citizens is not on the table, but giving them residency blue cards is.

The Trump administration is fully aware that their plan is not the final stage in this Redemptive process, but rather the trigger to finally dig Israel out from under the mess that Oslo created for it and the Arabs living within its borders.

Without Oslo, which was a globalist thought balloon turned real, Israel can help reshape the dynamic in its immediate area and within the larger region.

Expect chaos, upheaval, and violence when this goes through, but ultimately at the end there will be a new reality with tremendous clarity on the future of the Land of Israel and the world beyond.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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