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Arabs Uproot 300 Jewish Olive Trees in Samaria


Muslim Arabs destroyed 300 young trees recently planted by Jewish farmers. Unfortunately, we were not able to get there on time to stop them.

This is the sad reality we are experiencing in Israel. Arabs illegally take over Jewish lands, uprooting and cutting down our trees and vineyards, grabbing Jewish land in Judea & Samaria. Nati Rom is a pioneer in Judea & Samaria standing up for the rights of the Jews and the State of Israel in our ancestral heartland. To support the work of Nati in our heartland click here.

Nati plans on helping the Jewish families not just plant 300 new trees in that field, but 1,000 new trees!

No matter what the Muslim Arabs try to do to scare us from settling our ancestral homeland, and planting in areas that belong to us, we will not be deterred. We will keep on building and planting.