Arab Land Grab in Judea & Samaria During Corona Pandemic

by Avi Abelow

This is the sad reality we are experiencing in Israel. Arabs are illegally grabbing Jewish land in Judea & Samaria, all with the support of Israel’s Supreme Court, hence they are protected by the Israeli police. Nati Rom is a pioneer in Judea & Samaria standing up for the rights of the Jews and the State of Israel in our ancestral heartland. To support the work of Nati in our heartland click here.

Even though Israel’s government views Judea & Samaria as Jewish land, Israel’s Supreme Court treats it as non-Jewish land, and they always give the Arabs the benefit of the doubt that land belongs to them even without requiring the Arabs to provide any evidence. It is an abuse of justice by those entrusted to maintain and meet out justice.

For years the right-wing in Israel has been trying to stop the leftist control over the Israeli Supreme Court and have more conservative judges be appointed as well as make crucial changes to certain procedures that allows the left to have a firm control over all policy in Israel, via the justice system.

This is why right-wing Israelis are furious about the coalition talks taking place at this moment that would give a member of Benny Gantz’s left-wing Blue & White party the position of Minister of Justice, allowing the left to continue the judicial activism of the left and reverse the steps the right-wing have taken to rebalance the powers of government.

Over the years, Israel’s Supreme Court has systematically destroyed the balance of powers between Israel’s three branches of power. It has even given itself the right to strike down laws and delay the implementation of laws without any legal basis of law, instead just relying on their own leftist value system. That is that law and that is not justice. Israel’s right has been trying for years to return the balance of power between the judicial, legislative and executive branches.

In addition to causing problems for proud Jewish pioneers in Judea & Samaria to own and work our land, the Supreme Court has also stricken down all laws proposed to deport illegal migrants, as well as tied the hands of the IDF in fighting terror.

The Heartland of Israel

Click here to support the work of Nati Rom, a Jewish Pioneer from the heartland of Israel. Nati dedicates his life to reviving the Biblical Land of Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel. Together with his friends, Nati builds new Jewish villages on the Samarian and Judean hills, stands up for the legal rights of the pioneers settling the land and so much more.

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