Mock Online Passover Seder During Corona Quarantine

by Avi Abelow

We held a special first-ever mock Passover seder on Zoom and Facebook together with veteran Jewish educator Peter Abelow. We wanted to give over a Passover experience for all those who will be home alone this Passover and want to learn how to run a seder on their own. According to Jewish law this should be watched before the Passover begins.

Peter Abelow and his wife Debbie, my parents, were involved in Jewish education all their lives for both youth and adults.

As a child, I remember always having adult students over for Shabbat and holidays filled with questions and discussions, but most importantly filled with the Jewish family experience.

The Passover seder was one of the yearly highlights, where a night dedicated to questions and learning, was made even more special with Jewish adults looking to experience and learn the Jewish traditions.

This video gives you the feeling of the Passover seder to be able to do it on your own or together with your family. To know the exact traditions, what to do, when to do it and how to do it, make sure to pick up a Passover Hagadah that also has the instructions. There are hundreds of Passover Hagadah’s to choose from.

Have a happy Passover, stay home and stay healthy!

Dr. Risch

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