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by Avi Abelow

ראו בנים גבורתו שבחו והודו לשמו. ומלכותו ברצון קבלו עליהם. משה ובני ישראל לך ענו שירה בשמחה רבה ואמרו כולם.

Transliterated: Rau vanim gevurato, shibechu vehodu lishmo. Umalchuto veratzon kibelu aleihem. Moshe uvnei yisrael, lecha anu shira, besimcha raba ve’ameru kulam.

English translation:

Then his children beheld his might. They praised and gave thanks unto his name and willingly​ accepted his sovereignty. Moses and the children of Israel sang a song unto thee with great joy, saying, all of them:

(Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the mighty ones? Who is like unto thee, glorious in holiness,​ revered in praises, doing wonders?)​

I LOVEEEEEEEE this song, love this rendition and I especially love this music video!!!!

We have so much to live for, each and every second. Don’t take anything, nothing, not a second and not a person, for granted.

We have so much to live for, each and every second. We can’t take anything, nothing, not any second and not any person in our lives, for granted. We just can’t!

And we always have to thank the one above, because it is ALL from him!!!
My blessing to each and every person is to make it an unbelievable, special, focused-on-the-basics, Passover!!!

Carona, shmorona. We don’t know why it happened, and it makes no difference. But we do know that how we deal with living with this corona pandemic is totally up to us, and it is up to us to make the most of our lives and make our lives even better than before!

As my Saba/grandfather always used to say – “I love life, I love living”!!!

Regardless of the hardships, love life and make every moment count.
The corona will go away one day, but it’s your spirit that remains with you every moment! Hold on to that positive spirit and make people feel good.

In the meantime, enjoy this amazing music video!

Happy Passover, stay home and stay healthy!

Legend has it that when the Jewish people stood before the miracle of the parting of the sea, they burst into spontaneous song and praise, the likes of which the world had never seen. Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael of Ra’anana wanted to capture that energy in memory of their mentor, friend and rabbi Rav Daniel Beller.
*צולם לפני הגבלות הקורונה*
מסופר שבזמן שבני ישראל עמדו מול נס קריעת ים סוף הם פרצו בשירה ותפילה ספונטנית, שירה שכמותה העולם לא שמע. קהילת “שבטי ישראל” ברעננה רצתה לשחזר את האנרגיה הזו לזכר המנטור, החבר והרב שלהם: הרב דניאל בלר זצ”ל. שירו איתנו.
Conducted by Kippalive’s founder: Doron Chitiz
Choreography: דיג’יי רפי DJ Raphi
Song: Rau Banim by Yonatan Razel – יונתן רזאל
Originally performed by: יעקב שוואקי Yaakov Shwekey
#kulanubeshira #bykippalive

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