When The Friends Theme Song Blends Into The Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

We all need to improvise these days. How? Everyone in their own way. One person needs to sit and watch movies all day, and another person needs to make sure that there are enough books for them to binge read for a few months. It does’t matter as long as we do what the health experts say we need to do, namely, stay home, stay safe, and stay away from other people.

Communication via computer is very liberating. But everyone will have to admit that you can’t compare with actually being with people and giving them a hug. So this song may give us a nice uplifting feeling. But, all in all, this is a difficult time for the world on many levels.

First off, many people are dying, and even more are suffering. But, for every person who passes away from Coronavirus, there are another 100 or more who have lost their livelihood. The economic problems worldwide may very well be the long-term aspect of the coronavirus that will impact the world negatively in ways we cannot even imagine.

So, yes, we need our friends and family. But at this time, many people are turning to God, and yes, many for the first time in years. That is because we are so alone and need somebody to turn to. Please God, help us through this difficult time.

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