CoronaVirus Survivor Celebrates Jewish Holiday Few Ever Celebrate

by Avi Abelow

Unbelievable, in so many ways. Beautiful!

As previously reported here and here, Eli Beer, the founder and Director of United Hatzalah, the first-responder organization that saves people’s lives every day, miraculously survived the coronavirus. He was hospitalized in Miami and placed in an induced come to try to save his life. This took place during the Passover holiday and he missed celebrating the holiday. After he survived, he returned to his family in Israel.

This past Thursday night and Friday was the Jewish holiday of second Passover. Why do we have a second Passover? G-d gave us the second Passover holiday in the Bible for those who miss celebrating the first Passover celebration. Nowadays, nobody misses celebrating Passover, but Eli Beer did! Here he is celebrating the Passover seder on the second Passover, fulfilling the commandments of this special holiday

Posted by Eli Beer himself on Thursday evening: Join me tonight for Pesach Sheini (second Passover). Last month, when I was under a medically induced coma I missed Passover. I was so grateful to be alive and healthy but was very sad when I found out that I had missed the beautiful holiday with my family.

Tonight is one month since Pesach, Pesach Sheini, and so our family decided to have a Pesach Seder so that we could finally celebrate all the miracles and freedom together!!

I would really love for you to join us for a short L’chaim during our Seder!!

Col. Kemp

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