Pelosi’s endorsement shows why Biden shouldn’t be president

by Leah Rosenberg

Joe Biden should not be president for many reasons. But here is one: If Nancy Pelosi is endorsing him, that is reason enough to question his character.

Pelosi Loves Biden

The way Nancy Pelosi feels that Joe Biden can do no wrong and can be trusted with anything is concerning. She seems to support a woman’s right to come forward and the #metoo movement but only when it comes to those speaking out against certain people. But if a woman comes forward against Biden, the woman is automatically wrong. Biden is automatically trusted. That is hypocrisy at its finest. Because Pelosi so badly wants the former vice president to be president of the United States, it seems she is supporting him no matter what. She refuses to question anything he does, and that is frightening.

In a different speech, Pelosi defended Joe Biden by saying, “Biden is Biden.” Did she even try to see if he was really innocent? She had nothing better to say? That just sounds ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi is third in line to become the president. That is a terrifying thought.

It is not a Matter of Policies

It is not even a matter of agreeing or disagreeing about certain policies and issues facing the United States. This is just a matter of hypocrisy. It is a matter of the things people have said and done which show they are not fit to be running such a great country like America.

The fact that Pelosi does not even feel that Biden needs to be investigated for the allegations against him shows that she does not care who is running the country as long as the person is one of her “types” of people.

So does Nancy Pelosi really care about women? Does she really feel that women should come forward? Does Pelosi actually want to find “the truth” like she says she does? Only if it helps her agenda. But if it might harm her agenda, then the truth does not matter.

If someone like that is endorsing someone like Biden, is that the type of tag team Americans really want to run their country? I would hope not.

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