Pompeo makes it clear to Iran: Get out of Syria

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran has not stopped its evil ways, even during a world crisis like Corona. They still use their resources for terror instead of to help their people.

Iran Has One Goal

Iran’s only goal is terrorism. And then some more terrorism. All their money and resources have gone toward that goal. Whether it is to terrorize Israel, oppress their own, or help the Assad regime kill its own people in Syria, Iran will do anything to kill and harm. They will do anything to overpower people.

Iran could use its resources to help its people. There have been many issues in Iran, but the regime has only used its resources to sponsor worldwide terrorism. Iranians have starved on the streets as their leaders funded terror. It is just sickening. What kind of government does that?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear to everyone involved: Iran must get out of Syria. It is enough. They should use their resources to help their suffering people! Only terrorist regimes choose to ignore their people’s needs and would rather kill others worldwide than save their own.

Pompeo Considers Israel

The US always makes sure to have Israel’s back. As Pompeo said, “The Iranians need to leave. They need to leave not only the southwest corner that has a direct and real impact on Israel…” Iran is a real threat to Israel, and the US recognizes that. Iran in Syria is dangerous for Israel, Syria, and the entire Middle East.

Even during these trying times for the world with COVID-19, Iran has still chosen the path of terrorism. It seems nothing can change the evil regime…

Dr. Risch

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