The first time in modern history that the world recognized the Jews right to Israel

by Phil Schneider

International Law is clearly behind the State of Israel’s founding. You heard right? All of the evidence is there. But very few people know that back in Italy, approximately 100 years ago, representatives of many nations around the world made a clear and outright call for the establishment of a State in Israel for the Jewish people. Yishai Fleisher does an excellent job expounding and explaining the whole issue from a legal and historical standpoint.

Col. Kemp is the perfect person that Yishai interviews. Col. Kemp is a British Pro-Israel warrior. Yishai properly points out that Kemp is a throwback to the British General, Allenby, who led the British conquest of the Holy Land at the end of World War I. When Allenby took over the area from the corrupt Ottoman Empire, it signified the critical turning point for the Land of Israel. There were Jewish intelligence groups, the NILI group, who helped the British defeat of the Ottoman Empire. When Allenby came into the Old City of Jerusalem, he dismounted his horse and walked into the ancient Holy City. This manner of respect was widely acclaimed in the Land of Israel and abroad.

Around 3 years later, at the San Remo conference, the world ratified a resolution that called on the world to help reestablish a Jewish State. Col. Kemp claims that this was even more important than the Balfour Declaration which has become famous as the formal British intention to establish the Jewish State in the Holy Land. Without the world joining together and calling for the reestablishment of the State of Israel, international law would clearly be something to debate about. But today, there is no question that the legal right for the Jewish State is solid as a rock. The weakest legal claim today to the State of Israel is probably the Arab claim to the Land. In order to counter this claim, Israel needs to continue to go back to the basics of the legal claim and repeat it endlessly until people accept the truth.

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