Nancy Pelosi just excused Joe Biden in the most absurd way

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden may very well be absolutely innocent. Or he may not be. It is absolutely unclear. The problem is that when Republican nominee Brett Kavanaugh was grilled by the Senate for an alleged misdoing 30 years earlier by a woman that never said a word until then, the Democrats acted like sharks. What is the difference?

The difference is that Brett Kavanaugh came with one lethal problem to the Supreme Court approval process. He came with a reputation that he thought clearly that the Supreme Court should not get involved in bringing down Presidents. It’s really that simple. That may very well have been one of the key criterion that President Trump was looking for when he chose to nominate Kavanaugh. Yes, Kavanaugh was clearly qualified and would be considered a solid right-wing choice by the right-wing of the Republican party. But that specific stance on the role of the Supreme Court in helping bring down the Executive Branch was a clincher for President Trump. The clouds of the impeachment process were already forming and President Trump made a very political decision to nominate Kavanaugh. The Democratic Senators made a political decision to grill Kavanaugh unfairly. This is not new – they did it to Robert Bork back in the 80’s.

So now the strategy that they used against Kavanaugh is flying right back in their own faces. The boomerang effect is one of the many reasons that many people may stay home on election day and not come out to vote for Joe Biden. Even Hillary Clinton was a ore exciting candidate than Joe Biden. That coupled with Corona concerns is why President Trump may take the 2020 election easily if the economy and the virus death toll stabilize somewhat. But from now till November, many things can happen, and if the economic downturn does not turn around or the epidemic rears it’s head again in a worse 2nd phase, Joe Biden will take the election in a heartbeat. That’s why the Vice Presidential choice is so critical this time around.

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