These people are the secret to Jewish survival

by Leah Rosenberg

Their spirit will blow your mind. Their love for the land will inspire you. The families of the victims of terrorism are the secret to Jewish survival.

Jewish Spirit, Jewish Survival

You can’t break a nation who has been around for thousands of years. You can’t break a nation who many have tried to break before and failed. A nation who has been murdered, tortured, expelled, attacked, and persecuted, but who still exists and persists, will never be broken. Jewish survival is not a question.

All the people in this video have experienced a nightmare that they wish they could wake up from. But despite their tragedies, they choose to move on. They choose everyday to continue living and building the Jewish nation.

The “Palestinian” terrorists keep trying to scare the Jews away from their home. But it will never work. The Jews are finally home after thousands of years of exile. Their commitment to the Land of their forefathers gives them the strength to continue on.

What Others Have Said about Israel

It is not only the Jewish people saying they will never be broken and that Israel will continue to exist. Here are two famous examples from completely different times in history.

The first took place hundreds of years ago. There is a story told of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He went to visit a synagogue on Tisha B’av, the day that the Jewish people mourn the destruction of both the first and second Temples. After seeing firsthand that the Jews were still mourning for something that happened thousands of years ago, he said, “A nation that cries and fasts for over 2,000 years for their land and Temple will surely be rewarded with their Temple.”

The second example is more recent. In his message at the Zionist Organization of America annual convention in 1962, President John F. Kennedy said, “Israel was not created in order to disappear. Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.”

The Jews and Israel are here to stay.

Motivation for Terror
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