Alan Dershowitz’s message about Jews needs to heard by everyone

by Leah Rosenberg

Alan Dershowitz gives an important message to Jews, but it is also a message that the entire world needs to hear. A strong Jew should never apologize!

Alan Dershowitz’s Message

Why is it that Jews feel they need to apologize? Why do they feel that because they are strong and have contributed so much to the world, that deserves an apology? On the contrary! Jews should feel proud that God has given them such strength. And they have used it to help others. It is crazy that the world still has such negative beliefs about the Jewish people!

Proud Jew

There is a song by famous Jewish singer Benny Friedman. The song is called ‘I’m a Jew and I’m Proud.’ Although it is an upbeat and fun song, it is also inspiring.


Some of the song is in Hebrew, but these are the lyrics that are in English:

A little bit of history I’ve been through.
Ask me where I’m from, and I will tell you.
I’m a Jew and every Jew’s a proud Jew.
Not just me, my sisters and my brothers.
Never be ashamed to be a proud Jew.
It’s not what you’ve done, it’s how He made you.
So sing this song and spread the pride around you.
Yehudi Ani (I am a Jew), eternally!

I’m a Jew and I’m proud,
And I’ll sing it out loud
‘Cuz forever and ever
That’s what I’ll be.
I’m a Jew and I’m proud,
And without a doubt,
Hashem is always watching over me.

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