Yes, Israel Did just Make Internet for Bees

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli agriculture is unbelievable. The farming technology that Israel creates should blow the worldโ€™s mind!

Israeli Agriculture โ€“ Technologies of the Future

How can someone not be amazed at all of the unbelievable Israeli agriculture technology? Israel literally makes the impossible, possible! All these technologies improve the lives of so many. Who would ever want to boycott a country that does so much good?

And that is why videos like these can make a change. Maybe some people really donโ€™t know the truth about Israel. Maybe some people are truly uneducated. Many get brainwashed into thinking Israel is a war zone; a place which oppresses its people. But that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Israel is filled with happiness, creativity, and freedom. Israel is a democracy which allows for its citizens to live free lives. Do they also have an army? Of course, every country must protect itself from enemies. Do they have to sometimes go to war? Yes, but they never want to. And it is important for the world to learn the truth about Israel and what it represents. It is not a war-hungry state. It is not a violent country. It is a place that just wants to live peacefully without the constant threat of its surrounding enemies. Israel is a place that just wants to use its resources for creativity and to better the world.

Maybe, slowly, more and more people will start to learn the truth. Maybe, it all starts with the world learning about how Israel developed internet for bees!

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