Biden’s Vaccine Mandate and Uprising To Stop It

by Micha Gefen

Countries descend to anarchy and chaos not only because of a loss of national ethos and will to continue, but also due to government overreach that triggers a counter push in hopes of containing bureaucratic tyranny before it conquers the citizenry.

The COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates have appeared to turn into the ultimate government control weapon in what is fast becoming the most overreaching government in America’s history. Leaving the debate over the efficacy and need for such a vaccine to the side, the American government under Joe Biden is using it as a weapon to pave a path to total control.

The problem that Biden is facing is that America is not easily subdued. There are a host of red state governors who are not about to jump onboard the mandatory vaccine bandwagon nor are they going to force new regulations on the public.

So Biden has decided to push ahead and attack the GOP governors and other officials in order to make them back down. In his mind and the corporatists behind him, the Great Reset will happen whether people want it or not. Of course this is where the chaos comes in.

Something has to give in the USA – either the resistance will grow or the government will just stamp it out. Either way the path forward appears to mean the end of the USA as we know it.

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