Mark Levin: “Joe Biden, You Have Blood on Your Hands for the Rest of Your Life”

by Phil Schneider

Mark Levin’s argument is powerful and very troubling. The Marxist ideology that is being pushed by a small group of people is indeed on the rise. Why is Afghanistan going to be a country that is dominated by radical Islamic killers? What was so horrible about the minor number of American troops that stayed in Afghanistan to make sure that the Taliban would NOT take over and terrorize millions of people? The decision to completely remove all of the forces was a horrible decision that the whole world will have to pay the price for when these newly rich-in-weapons killers will reorganize and unleash their fury on the world.

Levin doesn’t mince words. He screams because he thinks that is exactly what the world needs to hear – the screams of those who’s screams cannot be heard – in Afghanistan. The United States needs to wake up and realize that we don’t have a country that is being run by true Americans, but by people who have been infected with a Marxist ideology that permeates their way of thinking. They do not want to turn the United States into the Soviet Union or China, but they most certainly want to have a central government that redirects money from the wealthy and hands it out to those who are downtrodden by their very existence as minorities. That is the core of the ideology. Take money from the rich and hand it to the poor, and get out of involvement in the rest of the world. Where will this lead to?

This will lead us straight into a bloody battle called World War III. Whether we accept it or not, World War III has already been going on for more than 2 decades. Either we engage and keep the battles away, or we will need to repeat much more costly Normandy-like landings to retain a Western life of freedom. China will not stop attempting to dominate the world, and radical Islam is not a passing threat. It grows exponentially, right underneath our noses.

Just like FDR joined with Stalin to stop the Nazi threat, the United States needs to join with the Soviet Union, India, England, Australia, Indonesia, and anyone else willing to fight the scourge of radical Islam. If we run away from Iran and Afghanistan, they will inevitably run after us – with support from China and other dangerous actors. Let us not be ostriches who bury our noses in the sand of woke environmental social-worker led justice-seeking. The world is no less dangerous today than it was 80 years ago. But, if we don’t learn the lessons of history, we will indeed be doomed to repeat the tragedies of the 20th century.

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