Terrorist Attacks Jews By Bus Stop, IDF Neutralizes Him

by Gavriel Dan

UPDATE: Another stabbing attack occurred in Jerusalem. Two people were moderately injured. The attacker was stopped in serious condition.

Earlier today: Jewish Israelis were attacked at the Gush Etzion junction this morning while waiting for a bus to Jerusalem by a lone terrorist armed with a knife.

Today, thankfully, the terrorist did not succeed. He was not killed but he was stopped.

Praying for the day that we merit political and military leadership that returns to policies that instill fear in our enemies to not even try to kill us with terror attacks. Step number one would be to get rid of the horrendous politically correct rules of engagement based on trying as hard as possible not to have to shoot! And even when given permission to shoot, the order is “shoot to neutralize”. No, to stop terrorists we need our soldiers to hear the order “shoot to kill”.

We don’t want terrorists sitting in jails with Hilton Hotel-like conditions, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees while earning a respectable salary for themselves and their families.

Ari stood up for truth, justice, Torah, the Jewish people and Israel.

We are still waiting for the proper political and military leadership to stand up for those principles as well, to ensure the safety of all freedom-loving people in our region, Jews and Muslims, and all others.

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