Arab Muslim Publicly Burns and Stomps on Jewish Holy Book of Psalms

by Leah Rosenberg

This is outrageous! What kind of cruel person burns and stomps on a Book of Psalms? On the holy works of another religion?

Burning a Book of Psalms

It is insane that there is no outcry after what this Arab did – and then how he publicized it on TikTok! Just imagine the global Islamic outcry if someone did this to a Koran! Not only would there be Arab riots and uprisings, but the entire international world would condemn the one who did it.

And yet, no one is condemning when an Arab cruelly burns a book of Psalms and stomps on it. No one cares when it is holy Jewish texts being disrespected. The world doesn’t seem to call out the Arabs when they act criminally. They are too busy calling out the Jews and Israel for…absolutely nothing. For just existing. For just wanting to live peacefully in their ancient homeland.

How can Israel be expected to make peace with a people that burns its holy books? It is just so wrong on so many levels. So hateful. There are no excuses for the way that these types of Arabs act.


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