Muslim American Society’s appalling response to students singing about decapitation

by Leah Rosenberg

Could the Muslim American Society really not think of a better excuse? It was just an “oversight” to have children singing about decapitating their enemies?

Muslim American Society

The Muslim American Society (MAS) is not a peaceful organization, despite what their pathetic apology may have led you to believe. The head of the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the founders of the Muslim American Society. How much more clear could it be? They definitely intended for their children to perform such a disturbing show. They want to radicalize their children! So for the MAS to call this performance an “oversight” or a “mistake” is just to mislead the public.

The Sick Culture of Radicals

It is extremely disturbing, to say the least, to listen to what these children are singing about. At such a young age, their goal is to murder “the enemy.” They do not value life. Throughout much of America, elementary schools have children performing plays about the U.S. presidents, having state fairs, and other similar educational things. But not this school. You would think this video is from some radical Muslim country. But it took place right here in the United States.

So, do you think it is time to make a change yet?

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