Israeli singers came together to sing for Israel, and the result will blow you away

by Chaya Cikk

These Israeli singers come together to sing about their beautiful country. Israel has such a rich history, a rich culture and much more. These Israeli singers sing about their connection to the land.


Israeli’s whether living in Israel or abroad, a Jew whether religious or secular feels connected to the land of Israel. After all, this is where the stories of our ancestors took place. This land is where our roots were planted. We are now the flowers, blossoming in the land of Israel. Israel, for such a young country is achieving things no one ever thought it could.

I have lived in Israel for over 10 years, I have never met a more friendly nation. Strangers invite you to their house for Sabbath or the Festivals. They open their houses to you, Why? Because here we are all brothers and sisters. Here we are one family.

The Lyrics:

70 years in the car, I drive and look,
At what has been and what we have become,
And how my soul still yearns for you,
From the Sunrise of Massada, The Selichot in Jerusalem,
From the shores of the Kinneret and Achziv, Or from the parties of Tel Aviv,
My father dreamed and prayed, To live in the land of Israel,
Today, my children ask me, What is the story of Israel?

This is our home, this is our heart,
And we will never leave you,
Our ancestors are the roots, and we are the flowers,
The melodies, brothers, and sisters dwelling together,

In the same neighborhood, the same street, The twelve sons of Jacob,
Collect the wandering together, in a backpack filled with longing,
A man is the landscape of his youth,
That engraved lines in the palm of his hand,
Between the prayers and the vows, and the odors of citrus trees,
And in my mother’s eyes, I’ll always find my place,
While the guitar is playing an ancient tune,

From Genesis, everything was sown, Patches, patches of the story,
Like two words they connect, in a poet’s golden thread,
I’m from here, I belong, and every friend of mine is like a brother,
You are beating in my heart, I am both east and west,

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