The Israeli song that took the world by storm

by Leah Rosenberg

Nissim Black and Gad Elbaz are both popular singers. So when they joined together to sing “Hashem Melech,” or “God is King,” it was bound to be great!

Nissim and Gad

The one thing that Nissim Black and Gad Elbaz have in common is that they are both well known performers whose parents were well known performers.

In terms of their backgrounds, it is day and night. Gad Elbaz, writer and composer of the Hebrew song “HaShem Melech” (God is King), is the son of Israeli singer, Benny Elbaz. Nissim [Damian] Black, born as a Sunni Muslim to rapper parents in Seattle, was a well known rapper at an early age. He and his wife converted to Judaism in 2013, and Nissim (meaning “miracles”) has been rapping Jewish ever since.

Coming Together to Sing for God

It is beautiful when cultures and people blend together – especially for a good common goal. Nissim and Gad came together in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, New York City, to say what they both believe…“God is King, God ruled, God will rule forever and ever!”

The beat is catchy. The words are powerful. And the singers are talented. How much better can it be?


This is the world make over.
Moshiach will come take over.
You ain’t gotta be me or see what I see.
All you gotta do is take a look forward.
Lift up your eye to the sky.
Spread out your hands, say thank you, smile.
Get em’ up put em’ up leave em’ up high! high!
Yep yep pump up the volume everyday.
Stand in place, heart racing no words to say.
Pressures building, tryna hold my place.
Mind drifting like not today.
Wake up from everything.
Break out your shell and scream.
Hashem you’re the king! Hashem you’re the king!

Hashem Melech, Hashem Malach, Hashem Yimloch Le’olam Vaed.

I feel the cold and the rain.
I wanna get up and leave it.
Everything’s always the same.
I wanna get up and leave it.
Now we’re standing here.
And the night so clear.
Like the shine upon your crown.
Yeah we’re up so high
In the midnight sky.
And we’ll never come back, come back downHashem Melech, Hashem Malach.
Our father, King David’s rock.
Your honor, we give our lot.
The stronger we cling you drop,
The blessing, the Bracha, success, Hatzlacha.
The world is yours, you offer it to whomever calls you.

Wake up my friend we gone.
We praising Hashem with all of our soul.
The Klippa is fighting we know.
We waging a war we won’t let ‘em go.
Even if the world don’t turn.
The fire will burn, the Aish Tamid
Or Korban, self sacrifice, Yep put Aish on me.
We clapping loud, scream it loud.
We’re gonna take the crown.
Bring it back straight to the king.
Then we bow, Malchut complete, yup!
Pick up a Mitzvah, lay down the Chet.
Olam Haba or Olam Hazeh.
The feeling is great when we can say.
Praise Hashem his name is great!
Now we’re standing here
And the night so clear.
Like the shine upon your crown.
Yeah we’re up so high.
In the midnight sky.
And we’ll never come back down.

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