“Shine on” with the Holocaust Survivor Band

by Leah Rosenberg

When you see Holocaust survivors with so much spirit, awe will just fill your body. How can they survive such horrors and live such positive lives?

The Holocaust

When you learn about the Holocaust, you wonder how the Jewish people survived. And then you wonder how they not only survived, but how they survived with such faith and dignity.

How did they build themselves up after losing so much? How were they able to create and defend a Jewish state just a few short years after the atrocities? Holocaust survivors are truly amazing. There is more to learn from them than you could ever imagine.

The Holocaust Survivors and Hanukkah

Listen to this beautiful song sung by Gad Elbaz featuring The Holocaust Survivor Band.

It addresses living through the darkest times and coming out victorious with the help of God. The song makes reference to the few beating the many which happened in the story of Hanukkah in ancient times as well as so many other times since then.


Through the long and darkest times
We found the strength to bear.
With the dawn past the raging storm
The light appears once more.

As the story of ancient miracles
Magically unfolds.
The light of eight candles
Revives the flame of hope.

Shelo Shelo Yichbeh
Shelo Yichbeh
Nero Leolam Vaed.

Let the light shine on.
The light shine on.
Shine forever more.
Let the light shine on.
The light shine on.
Shine forever more.

And the few fought the many.
The weak defied the strong.
The righteous dueled with evil.
With the hand of God, we won.

And we faced a bitter enemy.
Rekindled by our faith.
And the spirit of our yesterday.
Strengthens our world today.


And the candles in the night.
Celebrate the light.
As we share in the glow
That shines in our eyes.


Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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