Mother of Wounded Young Pregnant Israeli Explains Her Daughter’s Miracle

by Phil Schneider

Mrs. Leora Silverstein, explains the miracle of her daughter’s survival. This video was taken a day or so after the terrible attack at Ofra last week. Her daughter, Shira, a young pregnant Israeli, and her husband were both at the bus stop. They both were hit by bullets and taken to the hospital. Shira had life-threatening wounds, and her husband was hit in his legs. But, in addition to Shira’s life, there was a baby in her womb. Shira was in her 30th week of pregnancy.

Happiness and Sadness Intertwined

A week later, this on-going story is in a bittersweet stage. Shira and her husband are recovering. All indications are that Shira will live a healthy life and be able to have children. This is miraculous as she was hit very close to the place to her womb. However, there unborn baby had an emergency birth that was traumatic, and succumbed days later.

Belief in God

The overriding sense that one gets when watching the parents of Shira speak is one of belief in God.  This couple has made an enormous impact on the State of Israel and anyone who has heard or watched them.

They represent hope in times of distress, and belief during times of heart-breaking agony.  We wish her daughter and son-in-law a full recovery and a long and happy life together.

Watch a short clip of the young couple who are now next to each other in the hospital

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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