America just sent Iran a ‘clear and unmistakable’ message

by Phil Schneider

The scoffers will say that Iran doesn’t take the messages of President Trump seriously. Those with a deeper understanding of the Middle East will say that the Iranian dictators are truly scared that they will find themselves out of power and in the hands of the masses in Iran who hate their guts.

The Iranian regime has basically gotten away with preparation for mass murder for the last few decades. Under the Obama presidency, they advanced more than in any other time period towards their ultimate goal – nuclear bomb potential. Now, they may still be rather close to that goal. But they are also very close to falling apart financially and losing power.

Threatening Dictators

The modern world has been split into around 3 forms of leadership. Democracies, dictatorships, and everything in the middle. Let us define the United States, England, Israel, Canada, and France as the archetypes of the modern Democracy. Now let us define the former Soviet Union, Iran of today, Syria and North Korea, as the archetypes of dictatorships. As a general rule, the dictatorships threaten the democracies or the allies of the democracies. Often, the test as to whether or not the democracies prevail is based on whether or not they persevere in their political pressure on the dictatorships. But moreso, it is based on the leadership of the democracies being willing to not kowtow and appease the dictators. Appeasement – and worse, cooperation – is the biggest threat to the democracies.

Neville Chamberlain is properly remembered as an appeaser. He waived a piece of paper with guarantees of peace that he received from the Nazi regime as if he had accomplished a major diplomatic feat. The Nazis snickered and kept preparing for their onslaught into Poland.

On the other hand, Harry S. Truman met with Stalin towards the end of World War II. Though he did not understand Stalin properly, he made it clear that the United States had “The Bomb.” The Atom Bomb. That made a huge impact on the Soviet dictator, and helped establish some of the red lines that the Soviet regime stuck to for the next few years. This enabled the West to have some key advantages before the Iron Curtain descended on Europe, and the Cold War developed.

Leaders of democracy need to be firm. They need to be resolute. Then, they will be able to win the battle for world supremacy and not allow dictators to destroy our way of life.

Arab Incitement
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