Remembering Our Friend the Lion of Zion, Ari Fuld Hy”d

by Avi Abelow

On Israel Memorial Day we remember our dear friend Ari Fuld while we continue to mourn him each day.

Some words from the Judean Roundtable….

Yom Hazikaron is a sad and powerful day.

Most importantly, it is a day to bring alive the memories of those who sacrificed their lives so that we, Jews all over the world, not just in Israel, can live safer.

I went to visit Ari Fuld’s friend Yehoshua Friedberg to find out that my good friend from Yeshiva is buried right near him. Yaron was also murdered by Muslim terrorists while traveling on the road, just weeks before Nachshon Wachsman was kidnapped and then murdered.

Too many sacrifices. Too many. And why? Because so many Jews ignore the truth. The truth about how blessed we are to have Israel. The truth about how amazing Israel is to all, not just to Jews. And the truth about our enemies and the only one true reason they murder us, to kill Jews & destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

That is why I’m dedicated to keep on telling the truth for all to hear, as I used to do with Ari all the time.

It was really touching to see one year program teenagers visiting Har Herzl today, experiencing the true Jewish experience of Yom Hazikaron in as full a way as possible. Hopefully hearing about Ari, Yehoshua, Yaron, and the truths I mentioned above, will motivate them to do come move home ASAP and become active participants in this miracle of Israel! That’s what Ari, Yehoshua and Yaron would have wanted!

We miss you Ari Fuld!!!

Now Memorial Day is ending. After a day full of emotions, now we are getting ready for the emotional rollercoaster ride to party for the biggest modern blessing of mankind today, the establishment and existence of the State of Israel! Yes,the existence of Israel is a blessing for all of humanity! And Ari knew that as well.

We will all be partying with you in mind Ari!

Look after us from up above Ari!!! We want the grill NOW! We will do our part down here, you do your part up above with the creator!

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