Orthodox Jew attacked in Brooklyn in second attack in 48 hours

by Leah Rosenberg

An Orthodox Jew was attacked in Brooklyn by a teenager with a tree branch. And sadly, this attack was not the first – and not even the first of the week.

The Attack on the Orthodox Jew

Brooklyn has been hit with multiple anti-semitic attacks. The most recent was when an 18 year old man chased down an Orthodox Jew with a tree branch. And if that wasn’t bad enough, that was the second attack against an Orthodox Jew within 48 hours in Brooklyn.

Jewish people, and any group of innocent people, should not have to fear walking in the streets in 2018. It is shocking that such anti-semitism still exists. And Brooklyn is not the only place subject to such cruel anti-semitic attacks.

Anti-Semitism Around the Globe

It is so troubling that so much anti-semitism exists throughout the world.

(1) Jews were banned from a Labour event in London based on their last names. A Jew even had someone try to burn the Israeli flag on his back.
(2) See what’s happening in Sweden.
(3) In America.
(4) Even hackers are proving how present anti-semitism is in today’s world.

The list goes on and on. Hatred toward Jews is growing throughout the world. But that hasn’t stopped the Jewish people from staying strong.

Jews Never Lose Their Strength

Despite all that the Jewish people have endured, they haven’t lost their strength and their faith. The Jewish people have not been broken. In fact, they seem to only grow stronger and stronger. They haven’t lost their morals or their hope for peace. They just keep trying to bring more love into the world instead of hate.

That is something noteworthy. And that is something the Jewish people’s enemies should keep in mind: The Jews are strong and courageous. And no matter how hard anyone tries, the Jews are not going anywhere.

Roe vs. Wade

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