Neo-Nazi ideology is rising again – this time in Sweden

by Leah Rosenberg

Neo-Nazi ideas have been spreading throughout Europe due to the growth of the foreign, Muslim population. Sweden is now a target of the ideas that destroyed 6,000,000 Jewish lives just over 70 years ago.


Once a moral, respectable, and upright country, Sweden helped thousands of survivors rebuild their lives after the horrors of the Holocaust. When they felt that all hope was lost, Sweden rescued them.

But now, the survivors who have perished since then would be horrified to see what Sweden has become. Neo-Nazi parties are running for office. Violence has taken over the streets. Jews are being taunted by these Neo-Nazis.

What is happening in Sweden today?

Neo-Nazi Ideology

Neo-Nazi ideology has been rampant in recent years. It is a backlash against the growth of violence and intolerance of the growing Muslim population in the country. It is sad and shocking that just a few decades after the Holocaust, so many are returning to those ideas that destroyed millions and millions of lives. No country is safe from the swastikas, the ideas, and the hate. Neo-Nazism has reached America too. It is not just Europe. The hate is spreading throughout the entire world.

It has even spread to high schools in the United States. Young children in 2018 should not have to face such vile anti-Semitism. But the sad truth is that no one is safe from encountering the hatred.

Holocaust Education

Educating people about the Holocaust might not eliminate all the Neo-Nazi ideology in the world, but it might help on a small scale. Teaching children, young adults, and adults alike can help spread the moral ideals that the entire world should live by.

Visiting places like Yad Vashem – the Holocaust museum in Israel – as well as other Holocaust museums and memorials can help the world “understand” the grave horrors of the Holocaust.

Learn the history. It is not ancient history. Sadly, it is all too recent.

The lessons of the Holocaust need to be spread loud and clear.

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