Shocking antisemitism reaches Florida high school

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism is growing in America on both the right and the left and it must be confronted. Everyone should learn from Sami of Orlando, Fl.

High School Antisemitism

Sami goes to a public High School in Orlando, FL, and she has experienced antisemitism first hand, in her school. At first, students bullied and called her antisemitic slurs. But then she went to her principal to complain, and the principal shocked her by saying that he wouldn’t do a thing.

It was up to Sami to do something, and something she did. She did not remain quiet. With the assistance of the Stand With Us organization, she organized a special evening for people in the community to learn about the Holocaust from two holocaust survivors. That evening made a huge impact on all who attended.

Sami’s Money Quote

“Two reactions to this hate. You can either take off your star and hide who you are. Or, you can get an even bigger star and wear it proudly, show your Judaism to people and educate people.”

Growing Hatred

Whether it is in High Schools or on college campuses, anti-Semitic acts continue to grow in America and it is scary.

On college campuses most of the anti-Israel activity  is from the left. The anti-Israel crowd is slowly but surely showing its true antisemitic colors. It is basically shaming any Jew for feeling pride in their Jewish identity connected to their ancestral homeland of Israel. Many Jewish college students are scared to walk around with the star of david hanging around their neck, and even more scared to attend campus events connected to Israel.

Right and Left

At the same time, anti-Semitic acts from the right also take place.

These are scary times, that most Jews thought were long behind us. So many Jews thought that they are now American. There is no need to be afraid anymore. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Antisemitism is still alive and well.

While it exists both on the right and the left, the more scarier and dangerous antisemitism today is actually from the left. While mainstream culture discredits nazi sympathies and anti-Semitic acts from the right, antisemitism from the left is now mainstream and accepted. An extremely dangerous development for all of us.

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