The disturbing truth about the Hebron Massacre of 1929

by Avi Abelow

On Av 18, 5689, August 24, 1929, local Arab Muslims massacred 67 of their Jewish neighbors in Hebron. As a result of the massacre, the British expelled the remaining Jews since they couldn’t defend them.

If you don’t understand the Hebron massacre of 1929, you don’t truly understand the conflict in the Middle East.  67 Jews were butchered in Hebron while Muslims rioted across the land murdering 133 Jews in Jerusalem, Tzfat, Motza. Jews had to run away from Gaza, Jenin, Nablus to escape the Muslim horrors. This is in 1929! There was no state of Israel, and Israel did not yet liberate Judea and Samaria, what Israel haters call the “occupation”. So why were they massacring us?

What is the nature of the conflict between Muslims and the Jews in the Holyland? It is a 100% religious conflict and not a land conflict. This Arab Muslim woman tells the truth about the massacre that Omar and Tlaib are hiding from the American public! Help the truth be seen by all.

Jews of Hebron

Hebron was the first capital of the Jewish Kingdom, established by King David, before he moved the capital to Jerusalem.

Jews lived there consecutively for 3,500 years, until the Muslims massacred us in 1929.

On August 23, 1929, the Muslim Arabs attacked the Jews of Hebron as well as many other Jewish communities across the land of Israel. But in Hebron it was particularly vicious. While some Muslim neighbors helped their Jewish neighbors, many others participated in the bloody massacre.  They slaughtered Jews with knives, machetes and anything else available they were able to mutilate the Jews with.

The Massacre

The massacre lasted for two murderous days. It was the end of a particularly dangerous week for Jews under the British Mandate. Muslim Arabs attacked and killed their Jewish neighbors across the entire land.

At the end of a week of violence, 133 Jews were dead from Muslim violence.  But there were also 110 Arabs killed, nearly all of by British security forces.

However, the worst violence took place in Hebron.  At the time, it was a city of 21,000 residents, of whom some 700 were Jewish and the remainder Muslims. One of the reasons the massacre was so devestating in Hebron is because the British commander in charge stood by and let the massacre happen right before his eyes.

British Fairness

Jewish eyewitnesses recall running after the British commander riding on his horse, while they were being chased and butchered by their Muslim neighbors. The British commander did nothing, and the British troops let the massacre continue for two straight days without intervening to stop it.

Sixty-seven Jews were killed and 60 were wounded in Hebron. The Jewish community was destroyed. When the massacre was finished, the British made all the survivors leave because they did not want to protect them.

What Ignited the Massacre?

As today, the Muslim religious leaders spread lies and fabricated pictures that the Jews were destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This instigated Muslims across the country to start attacking innocent Jews, in the streets and in their homes.

In Hebron that evening, armed Muslims broke into the famous Hebron Yeshiva (Talmudic academy) and murdered the lone student they found studying there. The next day, an enraged Arab mob wielding knives, axes and iron bars destroyed the Yeshiva and slaughtered the rest of the students there. A delegation of Jewish residents on their way to the police station was lynched by an Arab mob. The mob then proceeded to massacre Hebron’s Jews, who had lived peacefully with their Muslim neighbors for years.

The Holy Rabbi of Hebron

The head of Hebron’s Ashkenazi community, Rabbi Ya’akov Slonim, had been on good terms with his Muslim colleagues and he and his son offered their homes as refuge to Hebron’s Jews.  The Rabbi believed that they would be spared. But the Muslim mob broke in and killed the Rabbi’s son, members of his family and all those assembled there, all while they were gathered for the Sabbath meal. Rabbi Slonim himself was spared hiding in his house with others since his Arab landlord did not allow the rioters to harm them.

Muslim Eye-Witness to the Massacre

Lesson to be Learned?

Even when we live in peace and neighborly relations for centuries, the religious demon in Islam can raise its head. Then, in a frenzy of religious fervor, they can whip up the Muslim masses to murder Jews. This is a reality that many people today ignore or don’t even want to know. But it is the reality and we can’t ignore it.

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