“Migrants Out, Support for Hitler” at Rally in Sweden

by Avi Abelow

Elections are in the air in Sweden and one party, the Nordic Resistance Movement, is hitting the streets with a forceful anti-migrant message, but also pro-Hitler.

The Rally

Earlier on Saturday, a party called the Nordic Resistance Movement held a rally in Stockholm. They were met with an opposing crowd objecting to “the Nazis marching in central Stockholm”. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been open in his praise for Hitler.

Muslim Migrants

The anti-migrant attitude in Sweden is unfortunately very understandable. Muslim migrants have had a tremendous negative influence on Sweden. The rape culture of Sweden has skyrocketed, with Swedish girls and women being raped by Muslim migrants at an alarming rate.

Read more about the Muslim migrant rape epidemic in Sweden here.

Yet, the Swedish government, and police, have ignored the rape problem and ignored the Muslim identity of the rapists. Many Swedes see this as their government capitulating to Islam. All this only has generated a tremendous disappointment in the government and only added to the anti-migrant attitude.

Read more about how Islam is overtaking Muslim society here.

In addition to the above, Muslim migrants have been responsible for the growth of street violence across the country. Whereas Sweden used to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world, it now has much more violence than ever before, thanks to the migrants.

Read more about the recent fire-bombings across Swedish cities here.


This pro-Hitler, Nazi support is very troubling. Unfortunately, many people translate the anti-migrant feelings into Hitler support.

The problem is two-fold. First of all, once a pro-Hitler, Nazi attitude develops then it becomes open season on everyone “different”, not just migrants.

The second problem is that the Swedish government is very much to blame for the growth of this sentiment. If the government would just apply the law equally to the Muslim migrants, punish them when applicable and not ignore the fact that it is Muslim migrants who are responsible for the growth of the rapes and violence in the country, then the mass hatred for migrants and pro-Hitler sentiment would be greatly diminished.

This Tweet Says it Best

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