What Mike Huckabee taught his children about the Holocaust

by Leah Rosenberg

Mike Huckabee thought it was important enough to teach his children about the Holocaust. With all the denial today, this story is extremely important.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is Israel’s Holocaust museum. It is one of the most powerful memorials in the world. People come there and leave forever changed. It is educational, inspirational, and worth every second spent there. 

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkensas, decided to take his daughter there when she was just 11 years old. He wanted her to understand and learn about the Holocaust. The story he tells about the time he spent there with her is powerful. What is even more powerful was his daughter’s response. At just 11 years old she understood. In the comments in the guestbook she wrote, “Why didn’t somebody do something?”

She could not understand how something so terrible could happen and how no one stopped it. Mike Huckabee’s daughter is Sarah Sanders, who serves as the White House Press Secretary under Donald Trump.


It is completely mind-boggling that people deny the Holocaust. There is so much proof that it is absolutely absurd to think that it  never happened. It is hateful. It is offensive. Denying the Holocaust is just plain antisemitic.

The Nazis even documented their disgusting acts. As Huckabee said, “Some of those children died from freezing. Others were shot for sport by the Nazi soldiers. And that’s verified because the Nazis actually took photos of themselves doing it, as if they were proud to engage in such barbaric behavior.”

There is still physical proof of the horrors they carried out. The camps are still there. Holocaust survivors are still alive to tell their stories.

It has only been just over 70 years since the atrocities ended. How is it even possible that Holocaust denial exists in the world?

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