Ambassador Haley confronts the terrorism that the world forgot about

by Leah Rosenberg

Ambassador Haley has, once again, made a strong and relevant speech at the United Nations. Al-Qaeda leaders are still plotting terrorist attacks.

Ambassador Haley at the United Nations

Ambassador Haley always addresses whatever problem needs to be addressed. She does not stand for one side or one people; she stands for all sides and all people. Whatever is right and moral, that is what Haley will give a voice to. She’ll speak up – even if she is the only one doing so.

She always supports Israel, even when the UN votes against it. In a place where everyone is turning against Israel, it is reassuring to hear a strong voice defend it. Haley never lets the UN sway her, and it is comforting to hear her strength and poise when the UN has become so corrupt.


Ambassador Haley’s speech is calling on the world to wake up to the terrorism that still exists. Al-Qaeda is still present and plotting terrorist attacks. They might not make as many news headlines as ISIS, but that is why Haley is addressing this at the UN. Al-Qaeda remains in Syria, Yemen, and other places in the world. As she said, “These terrorists never stop looking for new opportunities, so we cannot let our guard down.”

Haley is calling on the world to take action. She is asking the world to focus on what is important.

The world constantly focuses on Israel and demonizing the one democracy in the Middle East. But what about Al-Qaeda? That is where the world’s attention should be.

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