What the progressive movement has become today

by Avi Abelow

Lawfare Project Director, Brooke Goldstein, exposes the bare truth about what has become of the progressive liberal movement today.

Liberalism Hijacked

“Traditional liberalism has been perverted” Brooke Goldstein.

“Where are the women’s rights movements when it comes to the plight of women in Muslim majority countries? Where is Human Rights Watch? Where is Amnesty International?”

Why are today’s liberals silent about the discrimination of women in the Muslim world? Why are today’s liberals silent in the face of the United Nations being hijacked by the worst authoritarian, human rights abusing regimes in the world? How come progressive liberals allow the criticism of Judaism and Christianity, yet silence all criticism of Islam?

There is so much hypocrisy within the progressive liberal Western world today. They say they believe in certain values, yet their actions, and silence, actually show how they go against those same values!

Interestingly enough, many of the liberal values have been coopted by conservatives. Whether it is an acceptance of gay marriage, even while believing that

Lawfare Project

Brooke Goldstein is a lawyer who set up the lawfare project to protect the human and civil and rights of Jewish and pro-Israel communities worldwide.

Ironically, all the issues the Lawfare Project work on and defend are cases that true “liberals” should support. Antisemitism is 100% a “liberal” cause. However, when it comes to antisemitism from the Muslim world, today’s progressive “liberal” world is silent.

There are so many “liberal” organizations, generic and Jewish, whose sole aim is to stand up and protect us from the exact things that exemplify the Lawfare Project. If the “liberal” world today actually stood up for the beliefs and values they profess, then there really is no need for Goldstein and the work of the Lawfare Project. Hundreds of millions of dollars are already being donated to all the other “liberal” organizations.

However, since the liberalism has been hijacked, or as Goldstein says “perverted”, the work of the Lawfare Project is extremely important.

Hopefully, people will wake up to realize that the liberal values they believe to value have been hijacked by a progressive liberal worldview that not only is not progress, but takes humanity many steps backward.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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