Anti-Semitic hacker changes New York to Jewtropolis in mapping software

by Leah Rosenberg

Anti-Semitism is still so present in the world – even in 2018. New types of anti-Semitic acts are becoming the norm. Hackers are expanding upon racism.

Hacker Makes New York “Jewtropolis”

One of the most recent anti-Semitic acts took place in a mapping software. Snapchat, The Weather Channel, and others all use this software. The hacker renamed New York “Jewtropolis.” The developer of the software called it “an act of digital vandalism and deeply offensive hate speech.”

It is appalling to negatively describe how many Jewish people there are in the New York area. Furthermore, it is even more hateful to hack a software so that people all over the world can see this distasteful anti-semitism.

Other Recent Anti-Semitic Acts

Sadly, this act of anti-Semitism is not the first in recent years – let alone in recent months and days. It is taking place all over the world.

For example:

Sweden has Neo-Nazis storming the streets. A Neo-Nazi party is even running for office.

England is changing right before our eyes. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most anti-Semitic people. In fact, prominent lawyers are even moving from England to Israel because of the UK’s anti-Semitism.

And the United States is not shielded from anti-Semitism either. Jewish politicians running for office are being attacked. Teenagers in high schools are being bombarded with anti-Semitic acts.

What has the world come to?

It Must Stop

The terrorizing and assaulting Jews must come to an end. In Europe, in America – everywhere. Legislation should ban Neo-Nazi parties from running for office. No one should give power to those who preach hate and support terrorists. When will it end?

Despite it all, the Jewish people remain strong and determined. They will not sit back and watch as people from all countries and nations criticize and attack them.

Dr. Risch

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