The hidden truth about anti-Jewish boycotts

by Avi Abelow

Boycotts against Jews are not something new.  For centuries, anti-semites boycott Jewish goods.  The Muslim Arab world continues to do this for decades.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement claims to be a grassroots human rights movement.  But in reality, it is a carefully crafted continuation of anti-Jewish boycotts that predates the State of Israel.

No Jews Allowed

For hundreds of years, Christian rulers in European countries forbid Jews from working in certain professions and forbid doing business with Jews in certain areas. Was that because of the “occupation”?  NO, this was hundreds of years before the Jewish people returned to become sovereign in our ancestral homeland, Israel.

Muslim Arab Boycott of Jews

Even the Muslim Arab boycott of Jews is nothing new. They started boycotting Jewish businesses back in the 1920’s. They wanted to boycott all the Jewish industry to force the Jews to leave our country. Then in 1945, with the establishment of the Arab League, the League instituted an official boycott of all the Jewish industry. It clearly was not connected to Israel because there was NO Israel yet. It also had nothing to do with “refugees” because there were no refugees yet. And nothing with to do with a Jewish return to Judea & Samaria or Jerusalem, since Jews did not return to be sovereign in those areas until 1967!

Boycotting Israel is Antisemitism

It is quite clear that boycotting Israel and the Jews is nothing new and it has nothing to do with anything the Jews, or Israel, do or don’t do. Boycotting Israel today is pure antisemitism.

The other way to see this clearly is the double standard. There are plenty of countries that commit human rights abuses and genocides, yet there is no call to boycott them or ostracize them. Israel is the only country that has to deal with a massive call to boycott. It just happens to be the only Jewish state in the world. To deny the antisemitic roots of boycotting Israel and the Jews is to ignore reality.

To put it straight – The BDS movement is the modern 21st century version of classical anti-semitism.

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