This Jewish politician had the perfect response to the world’s horrifying anti-Semitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Erin Schrode is a young woman running for congress. She is also a Jewish politician. Her religion has made her the focus of abhorrent anti-Semitic attacks.

Standing strong as a Jewish Politician

Erin Schrode grabbed the world’s attention when she decided to run for congress. The anti-Semitism that she has experienced since she started her campaign is horrifying. The images that the world has displayed for all to see are shocking – to say the least.

Schrode saw images of herself on the internet with a yellow Jude star next to a monster and was called “kike.” She was even told to “get in the ovens.”

She is pro-Israel, and so she was bombarded with hateful comments and racial slurs.

In 2018, there are those in the world still treating Jewish people this way.

But Erin Schrode did not back down.

Muslims with Terrorist ties in Congress

Racists are protesting a young Jewish politician, Erin, who is running for congress. Yet when radical Muslims with ties to terrorism run for congress, there are no protests. Does the world approve of these candidates? Apparently, it is only acceptable to slander Jews, not terrorists. That is the world we live in today.

Schrode’s Response to Anti-Semitism

Erin Schrode had the perfect response to all the antisemitism she has been experiencing. The Jewish people need to stand strong and stand together. She said, “In the wake of personal attacks on me and spiking anti-Semitism, rising white supremacy, the existence of the state of Israel has become all the more important.” The Jews need to support each other and stay together. Schrode continued, “We cannot allow these forces of hatred to divide us.”

She said it so well. The Jewish people must unite and overcome the hatred. If they don’t defend each other, who will defend them?

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