“Palestinian” commentator brainwashes TV viewers with lies about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

There is an art to anti-Israel propaganda in the Arab Press. It is part-lie and part-exaggeration. But most of all, it is straight-out anti-Jewish hatred.


The best indicator of the values of a group of people can be seen from what they take pride in.  It is common to see the anti-Israel Arab press lie about Israel.  But more than that, it is common to hear Arab commentators take pride in terrorist activities.  Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, also praises terrorists.  This is very important.  This is perhaps one of the main reasons that there is little short-term hope for a peaceful future in the Land of Israel.

The Jews in the State of Israel take pride in accomplishment.  They are proud to be a beacon of freedom and technological advancement in the world.  And, yes, they are proud that they have a strong Army that defends the State of Israel against it’s enemies.


The Jewish people are a hopeful nation.  There is no way that a nation that has been persecuted and exiled countless times could persevere without hope.

Is that hope based on optimism?  Is it connected to reality?  It seems that one could argue that the hope of the Jewish nation is based on a deep-seated belief in God.  Otherwise, all that the Jewish people have endured would seem to be meaningless.  However, the Jewish people are always hopeful that at some point, things will improve and anti-Jewish plans will disappear.



Arab Incitement
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