ISRAEL SAYS NO: Attack on Natanz Was a Message To Biden

by Gavriel Dan

Reports are claiming that the secret attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility has now set back the Iranian regime by 9 months in their quest for a nuclear weapon.

While Israel’s Mossad has pulled off some amazing feats when it comes clandestine operations visa vi Iran, the attack on Natanz is more than just another set back for Iran, the attack, its timing, and the scope are a message for the Biden administration.

All of the information on the attack has been leaked out continuously while the Biden administration looks to capitulate to Iranian demands. Furthermore, the attack leaked as the US Defense Secretary landed in Israel. That is not a coincidence.

Netanyahu has repeatedly warned Biden that he will go his own way if Biden pursues a deal. Natanz was a message that the Israel is shifting away from the USA.

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